The Importance of Vehicle Recycling

In America, end-of-life vehicles (EVLs) produce about 25 million tons of waste annually. So, recycling vehicles and handling them properly to reduce toxic waste in the environment is essential.

The disposal of such EVLs needs to be handled by professionals who safely dispose of hazardous substances like brake fluids, coolants, and gasoline. At Alaska Car Crushing & Recycling LLC, we accept end-of-life vehicles and scrap metal drop-offs.

So, why is recycling vehicles important?

Environmental Benefits

Industries like the automotive sector mainly deal with many metallic parts. Therefore, it’s essential to recycle all parts. This decreases the need for landfill space, which helps reduce deforestation and preserve the environment.

Recycling around 75% of vehicles will save about 90 million barrels of oil annually. Oil is required to manufacture automobile parts, which increases the risk of oil spills. So, recycling vehicles ensures a decreased level of air and water pollution.

Wildlife Protection

Responsible vehicle recycling helps to safeguard the local fauna and flora. Steel mining isn’t eco-friendly and causes soil erosion and pollution, which means animal habitation is ruined. Land erosion causes sediment runoff into water bodies, affecting wildlife proliferation and water quality.

Moreover, car fluids and other components don’t biodegrade quickly. For example, tires take about 80 years to decompose fully, and during that time, they can release ground and air contaminants.

Reducing Greenhouse Emissions

According to the UN Environmental Program, vehicles contribute to about a quarter of all energy-related greenhouse emissions. Sadly, greenhouse emissions cause global warming. So, recycling vehicles reduces carbon emissions, leading to lower air pollution levels. The damage is already done as there is a hole in the ozone layer, so it’s important to handle the problem before it deteriorates.

Create More Space 

Vehicle recycling frees up space in your parking spot, driveway, or garage. If you plan to purchase a new vehicle, the last thing you want is for your ELV to be rusting or leaking toxic substances in place or occupying a space in your home. Instead, recycle your ELV for some quick cash.

Reuse of Vehicle Parts

Many people ask, “Should I recycle my car?” You should consider scrapping it if it’s become unsafe or is using too much fuel. However, not all ELVs are in a state of no repair, as some can be driven. Thankfully, Alaska Car Crushing & Recycling LLC has an auto salvage yard that ensures customers can salvage car parts that have the potential of being reused.

Conserving Energy

The amount of energy used in mining ores is higher than that required for recycling. Recycling used metals saves about 95% of energy and around 50% for mining and manufacturing new steel. Extracting natural resources requires high levels of energy. Therefore, there is a need to ensure we preserve the existing non-renewable resources.

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