Fun Facts: Vehicle Recycling Edition

So, you have finally come to the point where it is time to say goodbye to your old four-wheeled friend. The question is, should I recycle my car? Sell it, or maybe trade it in? While all of those choices can have good results, only one benefits everyone: recycling. How is recycling a car good? Let us count the ways:

Saves Air Pollution

Auto recycling reduces air pollution by 86%, which is good news and good for all of us.

Very Little Trash

75% to 80% of a car is recyclable, meaning there is very little waste.

Save Enough Energy to Power a City for Years

Did you know that every year we save enough energy by recycling steel to supply a city as big as Los Angeles with nearly a decade’s worth of electricity? There is also enough energy saved in one year via steel recycling to heat 18 million homes.

Everyone Does It

Fun fact, the automobile is the most recycled consumer product globally. Obviously, the word has caught on that recycling helps everyone. In fact, approximately 27 million vehicles globally are recycled each year.

Support Small Business

Most recyclers are classified as small businesses, typically employing fewer than 10 employees. That means that by recycling your vehicle you will likely be supporting a small business, too.

More Than Worth Its Weight

Most of the aluminum in a vehicle is generally recovered for recycling. Surprisingly, however, aluminum only contributes to about 10% of the total vehicle weight while accounting for almost half the scrap value.

Not Exactly Dead

Even the car batteries in vehicles are worth recycling. Don’t count that dead battery out just yet. Almost 100% of those batteries can be recycled, meaning there is life after death for our vehicles and their batteries.

Down to the Tires

When the rubber hits the road, there virtually isn’t anything on a vehicle that isn’t worth something, even the tires. Tires, after being recycled, are used to produce common items like sandals or material for roadways.

How is recycling a car good? There are many ways. If you are wondering, should I recycle my car? The answer depends on your goals, but if you want to help everyone, the simple answer is yes.

You can also see the rest of these fun facts, and decide for yourself if recycling is right for you. Either way, it is certainly good for everyone. Do you have a vehicle you would like to recycle? We can help! Contact us at Alaska Car Crushing & Recycling LLC today.