Auto Accidents: What Do I Do, and What’s Going to Happen to My Vehicle?

One day, you might fall upon the unfortunate circumstance of getting into a car accident. You’ll need to know precisely what to do and what happens to your car at that time. These are some commonly asked questions about the aftermath of such accidents.

What do I do after a car accident?

Here’s what you must do after an accident:

1. Get safe.

Step one is to remove yourself from danger as quickly as possible. Get to the side of the road or into a parking lot if the car still runs.

2. Collect evidence.

You need to take pictures and videos of the incident and damage. You’ll need it for the insurance company or a lawyer if you choose to contact one to assist you with this matter. Presenting this evidence will make your case more viable and allow you to get the highest quality representation.

3. Contact the police and insurance company.

After you get to a safe place and gather your evidence, you’ll need to contact the police and your insurance company. The police will collect information about the case and create an official police report with factual details about the incident.

The insurance company will launch an investigation after you file a claim to determine whether to pay it. It’s best to have the police report ready to share with them. They will give you their decision once they perform their investigation, and you can either take the car to a repair shop or contact a towing company of choice to crush or recycle your vehicle.

4. Remove all important items.

You should remove all items important to you before you take the next step, contacting a towing company. You will need to have the auto towed to a repair shop or wrecking facility, but you will have to choose who you want to tow it.

5. Contact a towing company to help.

You can get a list of candidate towing companies from your insurance provider or perform an independent search. You can choose the towing company based on the information you discover. After your vehicle is towed, you can continue working with the insurance company to get your car repaired as quickly as possible. Don’t forget to visit the hospital or doctor for a wellness check to ensure you don’t have any extreme injuries.

What happens to cars after car accidents?

The fate of a car after an accident depends on the damage it sustained and on what the insurance company decides is appropriate. A non-totaled vehicle can be sent to a reliable body repair shop or automotive repair station for revitalizing work.

A totaled car will likely go to a company like Alaska Car Crushing, where they will crush the vehicle, recycle it, or salvage some parts for other people. The vehicle owner or policyholder can decide which company tows the car and what happens to it after an accident.

Now you know what to do and what happens after a car accident. Things should be less stressful if you ever get into an ordeal.