U-Pull IT Yard: The Only U-Pull It Junkyard Service in Alaska – Pull It Yourself, and Get It the Same Day

Why wait for scrap parts if it is available and ready to pull in the yard? The family-owned business Alaska Car Crushing and Recycling provides a unique way of obtaining spare parts and scrap for vehicles at affordable prices.

You can find a wide selection of bumpers, salvage auto parts, headlights, doors, axils, hoods, taillights, and lots more in Alaska, AK.

How Do U-Pull It Junkyards Work?

U-Pull It junkyards operate on the consumer’s convenience and aim to provide the part immediately with limited to no wait time. Other places might be out of stock, but with U-Pull It, you bring your tools, pull the parts you need from the vehicles, and get them the same day.

Bring your own tools

When you pull it, you bring your own tools to the yard. You can select anything available in the yard, from cupholders and car door handles to car seats and engine parts. The only thing that may stop you from getting a part is if you don’t have the correct tools to pull the part.

Extras to bring along to the yard

  • Sunscreen – in case you’re there for a few hours pulling parts
  • Beverages to hydrate
  • Extra water to wash off
  • Rags and towels, as it gets dirty and grimy working on cars and being at a scrap yard

What tools to bring

The U-pull it yard in Wasilla recommends bringing various tools like a wrench, pliers, hammer, handsaw, battery-powered drill, prybars, and durable gloves.

You can bring more tools as you need because the more variety you have, the more you’ll be able t get the part undone.

Be Mindful About Other Parts

Yes, many vehicles in the yard may be rusty and old, but that doesn’t mean their parts don’t work. Take care when pulling parts to be careful and work, so you don’t damage other parts left behind.

Vehicle Brands Available

A large selection of vehicles makes it easier to find what you need. You might find some manufacturer brands, including Toyota, Ford, Buick, Jaguar, GMC, Pontiac, Nissan, and Mazda.

If you need scrap parts and are looking to access it the same day, pay Alaska Car Crushing & Recycling a visit. We also specialize in auto wrecking, salvage, scrap metal recycling, roadside assistance, and towing.