How To Properly Prevent Your Car From Being Towed In Alaska

Whether you’re driving to Alaska for the first time or you’ve been here before, it’s important to know how to properly prevent your car from being towed. Getting your car towed can be a frustrating experience. However, it is possible to avoid being towed or fight an illegal tow with the right tips. 

Where To Avoid Parking 

When it comes to parking in Alaska, you can be sure that the rules will vary from city to city. But there are a few basic things that you need to know in order to make sure that you can avoid being towed in any one of them: 

Never park on the side of an unplowed road. This is especially important if you live in an area where it snows fairly frequently.  

• Never park on a street that is designated as a snow emergency route. This will help to prevent you from being towed during a snowstorm. 

• Never double park. You should only ever park parallel to other cars. 

• Never park within 15 feet of fire hydrants. This will help to ensure that plows are able to get down the street and clear out all of the snow. 


Meters are huge in most towns in Alaska and not as common in rural areas. Pay close attention to street signs: Most will state “no parking between xx:xx hours and xx:xx hours” due to nighttime plowing. Be sure to add extra time on meters to give yourself enough time to avoid the possibility of being towed! 

Call Roadside Assistance 

If your car suddenly breaks down, or if it’s locked up in a parking lot, roadside assistance can help you get back on the road. These services often include jumpstarts, flat tire changes, fuel delivery, and towing to a mechanic’s garage.  

And aside from providing a helping hand in your times of need, your roadside assistance coverage can also prevent your car from being towed. For example, if you’re planning on parking for more than 48 hours anywhere you don’t have permission to, you may be considered an abandoned vehicle and will be required to pay to have the vehicle removed. If your car is disabled, call the help line and rest easy knowing a truck will be there in no time to take care of it.