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What Do I Do if I’m Locked Out of My Car?

Are you wondering what to do or who to call if you locked your keys in your car? No matter the time of day, locking yourself out of your car is never enjoyable. It can make you extremely anxious and overwhelm you. The good news is that there are several things you can do to […]

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What Happens When a Vehicle Is Impounded, and How Do You Get It Out?

Here at Alaska Car Crushing and Recycling, we understand that people have questions about what steps to take after their car has been impounded. Hopefully, this is not something you have to deal with regularly, but no matter what, you need to be sure that you know what to do if your car is impounded. What […]

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The Top Benefits of Recycling Steel

You might find you have a lot of steel inside your home that you can recycle. Household items that may be constructed of steel include things such as pipes, appliances, ovens, refrigerators, and more. Consider recycling those items before you contact the trash company to take them away. You may be able to put a […]

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