Auto Salvage Yard in Wasilla, AK

Here at Alaska Car Crushing & Recycling LLC, we operate Alaska’s only U-Pull It salvage yard using skills and experience honed throughout the 20-plus years we’ve been in the business! Do you have a car wrecked in an accident? Or perhaps you’d simply like to get rid of an old vehicle that’s been sitting in your yard or garage. Did you know that you can still make the most out of your car even though you’d rather not drive it out on the road?

With our salvage auto parts services, you can! Our team members are trained and experienced to handle car parts that might have potential for salvaging. Instead of immediately sending it to the scrapping yard (which we do also have!), you can instead send it in for salvaging assessment. As with the other services we provide, we take great pride in being able to give excellent service to our customers, which is the secret to our business longevity and success.

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We understand there might be plenty of questions and concerns about auto parts salvaging, so we make sure to get everyone on our team trained and informed about the process. There’s no need to worry about jumping through hoops. We’ve created our process to be as straightforward and convenient for you as much as possible.

Our services are easily integrated with each other.

If you need help bringing your car in for salvaging, we have towing services readily available as well. Do you have other vehicles you’d like to bring in for scrap instead? We have our own auto scrap yard ready and at your service too.

We Value Our Customers First and Foremost

Alaska Car Crushing & Recycling LLC of Wasilla, AK is your one-stop, full-service shop for all your scrap metal recycling, roadside assistance, and salvaging needs. We’ve got everything right here for you, so you won’t have to go hopping off to anywhere else. We value our customers first and foremost. That’s why we strive to give them the best possible experience when they come to us. We look forward to having you in our business too, so don’t hesitate to call us for your service needs!

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