Signs It’s Time To Scrap Your Car

The cost of buying a new or used vehicle is rising rapidly. When your current vehicle is reliable, safe, and affordable, it makes sense to stick with it. If your vehicle is paid off, you should do your best to keep it maintained and in good running shape to save money on transportation. Eventually, even […]

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Why Move Over Laws Are Important

There is a lot of consideration for law enforcement and the dangerous job they take on every day for the betterment and safety of the community. People are finally recognizing some of the extreme sacrifices officers have to make to help keep the rest of us safe. It is truly a blessing to have them out […]

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What Happens To Recycled Tires?

Have you ever wondered what happens to tires after they become old, worn out, and irreplaceable? Unfortunately, many individuals consider disposing of their tires through environmentally harmful techniques. Only a few consider recycling and reusing their tires, which are ideal actions on how to dispose of old tires. Here is what happens to recycled tires […]

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