Carrie McKee November 1, 2022

2022-11-15 | 20:19:02

Kevin Pennings September 29, 2022

"Jasmine and Walter give the best Customer service."
Steven Ye September 15, 2022

Steven Ye | 2022-09-14 05:56:30

"They provided us true help when we were stuck in the middle of no-where up on Glenn Hwy deep into the mountains. After calling insurance companies without a clear conclusion, their warm service really saved us. The staffs are all very friendly."
Anthony Severson August 8, 2022

2022-09-09 | 23:07:32

"Great experience with finding/recieving a discountinued part. I'd highly recommend this yard. The staff is very friendly and helpful."
corrie krezel August 4, 2022

2022-09-09 | 23:07:47

"I called these guys they answered on the first ring and went out of their way to help me haul off junk cars up buffalo mine Rd they came the next day. I only asked for ,3 of the 5 cars and 1 truck to be towed for now but they went ahead and hauled all 6 of them off and only charged me for 5 of the 6. They had them all hauled off in 1 day. Thank you for the awesome service and for making Alaska a better place."
GABRIEL June 11, 2022

2022-07-12 | 21:58:30

"Been here 3 times and have had nothing but good experiences. Friendly staff and I’ve found everything I’ve looked for each time I came. The staff helped me find everything I needed each time without a hitch."